Pseudo Science Fair - (Year 0.0)

Celebrating the science in fiction – Oct 13-15 2017 – Dayton Convention Center

Get Involved

We need your help to make Pseudo Science Fair a success. We have lots of ways for you to get involved, with various benefits. Check out the various you can help out.



Want to make some money and still get to hang out at the con? Good! We are offering volunteer positions. This is how it works.

  1. Register and buy a 3 DAY PASS to Pseudo Science Fair.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. Get scheduled to volunteer during the convention.
  4. Get $5 back for every hour you volunteer.
  5. Enjoy your refund.

See, easy. It’s a great way to enjoy the con for cheap. Fill out the form and let us know you want in.



By far the most difficult job at any convention. But probably the most rewarding. Lots of work very little sleep but, the satisfaction of making the convention amazing i totally worth it. A few things to remember:

1. This is a completely voluntary position. Staffers receive three day passes, food and crash space.

2. Staffers are expected to attend meetings leading up to the event. Meetings will be held in Dayton, Ohio and in Columbus, Ohio.

3. Staffers are considered “on-call for the duration of the event.

4. Staffers must be 18 years old (or older).

If you are unable abide by these conditions. Please apply for a volunteer position instead.


Panel host

Do you consider yourself and authority on Zombies? Do you have a burning desire to teach someone about the incredible importance of “Dr. Who” season 5, episode 7? Are you a pro at making weapons real or imagined? Do you know what Hammerspace is? Do you have an undying affection for any animated character? Can you make a realistic Master Chief costume out of duct tape and dreams? If any of these statements might apply to you, or your topic of choice is even tangentially related to pseudo science. You might have a promising career in leading panels.

Panel leaders receive 2 – 3 day passes for each panel they teach/organize.