Pseudo Science Fair - (Year 0.0)

Celebrating the science in fiction – Oct 13-15 2017 – Dayton Convention Center

Panelist Application form


Do you consider yourself and authority on Zombies? Do you have a burning desire to teach someone about the incredible importance of “Dr. Who” season 5, episode 7? Are you a pro at making weapons real or imagined? Do you know what Hammerspace is? Do you have an undying affection for any animated character? Can you make a realistic Master Chief costume out of duct tape and dreams? If any of these statements might apply to you, or your topic of choice is even tangentially related to pseudo science. You might have a promising career in leading panels.

Panel leaders receive 2 – 3 day passes for each panel they teach/organize.

Submitting this form does not guarantee a panel slot at this event. We will contact you if your topic and skill level matches our needs. Thank you for helping make PSF a success.