Pseudo Science Fair - (Year 0.0)

Celebrating the science in fiction – Oct 13-15 2017 – Dayton Convention Center


Pseudo Science Fair Year 0,  2017

Photo Lab – Studio space application

Photo-Lab Rules and Regulation and Application

Below is a full application for the Pseudo Science Fair 2017 Photo-Lab. Pseudo Science Fair will take place October 13-15, 2017 and the Photo-Lab will be located in Hall 307-309, third floor of the Dayton Convention Center (22 East Fifth Street Dayton, Ohio 45402). Submitting this form does not guarantee space in the Photo-Lab, accepted photographers will be contacted within a few weeks with final confirmation. The times of operation for the photographers will be the same as the event.

ID for Photographers:

Photographers and companions must show a government-issued, photo ID to exhibit in the Photo-Lab. If a photographer and companion are not able to produce a valid ID at check in, The person with no ID will not be able to be within the Lab, If the Photographer can not produce an ID, their table(s) will be held until 10:00 PM on Friday, at which point the table(s) will be considered unclaimed and open for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. Only special circumstances will be accepted to hold the tables longer.

Accepted forms of ID include but are not limited to:

  • A state driver’s license
  • State-issued identification card
  • Military ID. Other forms of Photo ID may be accepted at the discretion of the Department Head of Photo-Lab. The name on the ID must match the name given during table registration and Match the Badge given.


To shoot in the Photo-Lab at PSF 2017, you must agree to the rules and terms in writing. Printed copies of these rules will be available for all Photographers to sign at check-in. Photographers must be at least 18 years old in order to sign a contract. Therefore, any person who is not 18 must have an adult sign the contract on their behalf. The adult who co-signed the contract must be present to check-in for a table, must remain present at the table at all times, and must accept responsibility for any failure of the under-aged photographer to comply with all convention policies as well as applicable laws.

Sharing Space:

Photographers may share space with another Photographer under the following conditions.

  1. The total number of people does not exceed 4 people.
  2. The overall space must conform to the original artwork display rules.
  3. Photo-Lab staff must be notified of any photographer taking in personal sales at check in or at the Photo-Lab Operations Table. Those additional Photographers will be required to fill out paperwork for Sales Tax purposes, unless they are named under the primary photographers forms.

Subletting Space:

At no time may a photographer sell or rent their space to another photographer within the Photo-Lab. If an photographer is found subletting, both the photographer who registered the space and the person occupying the space will be evicted from the space immediately with no refund and charged a $100 fee.

UnRented Lab Spaces:

UnRented spaces will be offered for sale one (1) hour after Photo-Lab opens on Friday at the Photo-Lab Operations Table. UnRented spaces are spaces, which have been made available before convention and should not be confused with abandoned spaces.

  1. You may not line up prior to this time.
  2. All spaces are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. UnRented spaces will only be rented as standard spaces.
  4. UnRented spaces will only be sold at the full rate.

Abandoned Spaces:

If a photographer fails to check in for their space by 10:00 PM Friday and does not contact the Photo-Lab Department Head in advance, their table will be considered abandoned. At that point, their table will be offered for Rent at the at-con rate on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Lost spaces cannot be reclaimed, and neither credit nor refund will be given for no show spaces.
  2. The lineup location will be announced at 12:00 PM Friday at the Photo-Lab Operations Table.
  3. You may not line up prior to this announcement.
  4. No show spaces will only be rented as standard spaces. Unlimited spaces are only available through pre-sales.
  5. No show spaces will only be sold at the full rate.

Spaces are not refundable.

Number of Spaces:

All space types come with ONE TABLE, of dimensions 4-8 feet long by 2 feet wide and 2 feet 5 inches tall. These dimensions are subject to change depending on what is supplied by the decorator.

They are at no time available for request, and will be offered at random if available.

2 chairs are provided with each table. You may not supplement this amount with your own chairs.

Space Signage:

All table signage should match the information that you registered with. Ex: If you put down on your application that you are “Studio A” but all your signs say that you are “Studio B” this will be seen as a space transfer. Signage that does not match your registration must be removed.

You may change the Studio Name we have on file ONCE. To do so you must contact us at least 30 days before the Thursday of the convention. A change is only allowed for Studio Name, no other information on the application may be changed at any time. Any attempts to exploit this as a space transfer will result in a non-refundable eviction from the Photo-Lab.

  • The ONLY EXCEPTION is a LEGAL NAME CHANGE, for example if you are recently married. Please provide any relevant paperwork showing both the original registered name and the new legal name.
  • Due to the sensitive circumstances names are sometimes changed under any request for name adjustments will be kept confidentially within the exhibitions Department.


  1. Any structure brought to display artwork must be of sound construction and may not extend more than 5 feet above the table or a total of 8 feet from the floor, whichever is less.
  2. If any structure falls down, appears unstable, or extends above the height limit, the Photographer to whom it belongs to will be asked to remove it by the Photo-Lab staff.
  3. In addition, all displays must reside within the confines of your area.
    • Large spaces are restricted to the boundaries of your space and will be marked for your convenience.
    • Standard tables are restricted to the boundaries of your tabletop and up to 3 feet behind your table.
    • Displays behind your table may not impede upon other photographers’ areas nor disrupt traffic flow in case of emergency.
    • The corners of each island of tables are considered to be an emergency egress for photogrpahers; as such you may not use the corners for your display.

 Display Space:

  1.  Those with Large Spaces and Corner Spaces are allowed to use any of their 10 foot by 10 foot space for display.
  2. Those with Standard Spaces must keep their display to the boundaries of their Space.
    • If your display must sit on the floor, such as a photo or backdrop stand, the base may not be more than 3 feet from the back of your table and must not disrupt the common walking space behind or to the sides of your space.

Table Size:

  1. All space types come with ONE TABLE, of dimensions 4 or 8 feet long by 2 feet wide and 2 feet 5 inches tall. These dimensions are subject to change depending on what is supplied by the decorator.
  2. Due to layout restrictions, if another size table must be used it will first be offered to first registered spaces. They are at no time available for request, and will be offered at random if available.


Artwork and Sales

Adult Materials:

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the number of minors and families attending conventions. Therefore, ZAGstudios LLC and Pseudo Science Fair asks that all exhibitors, including Photographers in Photo-Lab, Vendors in the vendor Hall and Photographers in the Photo-Lab, keep this in mind when setting up their displays. The acceptability of displays of mature photos is at the sole discretion of the Department Head of the Photo-Lab. Any materials, which are sexually Mature, extremely graphically violent, or otherwise unsuitable for children, cannot be displayed. If any of these materials are found, or the Photo-Lab staff receives complaints, the Photographer will be asked to remove the material in question. If any Photographer performs inappropriate photo-shoots with minors, or with any client, they will be removed from the Photo-Lab and Pseudo Science Fair. They may also be held accountable under Ohio State and Federal Laws.

The following shoots are prohibited:

  1. Any boudoir Cosplay shoots.
  2. Any shoots that require overly provocative poses.
  3. Poses that require sexual positions, either intentional or non-intentional.

At Con shoots or Pre Con shoots appointments:

Appointments taken at the convention, regardless if the appointment was taken pre convention or at the convention are between the Photographer and model, PSF claims no responsibilities with such transactions. As such, PSF and the Photo-Lab staff cannot assist you in locating either the Model or help the model find the photographer. Please make sure you get contact information for one another as part of your dealings. PSF and its affiliates are not responsible for the loss of clients or appointments made or the profits lost thereof.

The photographer is allowed to charge for scheduled shoots or in con-shoots. The pricing will be between the photographer and their clients. Photographers are not allowed to deny walk-ins if their schedule has availability. There will be a chart of available slots at the door of the Photo-Lab, photographers are encouraged to fill in or clear out slots for those who might be potentially interested in a shoot. Please have all your information ready so clients can clearly see and decide.


Giveaways are permitted, only through strict regulation of the Con staff. This includes but is not limited to raffles of any kind. NO MONIES SHALL BE EXCHANGED FOR GIVEAWAYS AND/OR RAFFLES. Random ticket or form drawings are permitted.


While in the Photo-Lab, all convention, local, state, and federal rules, policies and laws apply. Convention rules can be found online on the website and in your program book.



Pseudo Science Fair, badges must be worn at all times. ONLY people with a Photo-Lab badge will be allowed behind tables within the Photo-Lab. Persons behind tables within Photo-Lab without an Photo-Lab badge will be asked to leave the space, if the photographer continues to allow non personnel to be within the space, they will be subject for removal from the convention without a refund. This is for safety of the photographer and their crew (if applicable).


Substance Use:

Smoking, including vapes or electronic cigarettes, or use of alcohol or drugs while in the Photo-Lab will not be tolerated. Violations will result in removal from the Photo-Lab and convention with no refund.



Please refrain from running, screaming, yelling, horseplay, or obscene language; all Photographers are expected to be courteous and polite to one another, the staff, and other convention attendees.


Overly loud music, videos, etc. will not be tolerated in the Photo-Lab. If the amount of sound coming from a table is found to be disruptive as determined by the Photo-Lab staff, the Photographer will be asked to lower the volume. Further noise violations can result in the Photographer being removed from the Photo-Lab.


Photography and video recordings are permitted within the Photo-Lab, provided that the person being recorded has given permission. Similarly, pictures or videos of art are allowed only with permission of the Photographer. The sole exception is that photography and videography of the art show is not permitted.


Photographers are requested not to move or tamper with PSF signage without staff permission.

 Recording Devices:

Permission to video record your space, whether for personal or security usage will be given on a case by case basis. If you are interested in recording your space you must do the following:

  1. Email a formal request to Photo-Lab ( explaining your intention for the footage you plan to take.
  2. If approved post signage in clear view of the crowd with the following text: “WARNING Audio and Video Recording In Progress”
  3. If you plan to publicly release the footage you must have documented approval of those within the video to have their images shown, or their faces must be blurred.


Rules Violations and Penalties

Issues within the Photo-Lab are handled with a warning, but sometimes-larger actions must be taken. Here are general guidelines for the consequences for the majority of offenses that may happen within the room.

FIRST OFFENSE – Verbal Warning:

The Photo-Lab Department Head will speak with you detailing any major concerns with regards to your display, merchandise or conduct. You will be given examples, conditions and a time frame with which you must comply. This may be, but is not limited to, removing all offending material from sight and not displaying it again for the rest of the convention. A note of this warning will be made for reference at any other time in the weekend.

SECOND OFFENSE – Written Warning:

The Photo-Lab Department Head will speak with you and present you with a written warning detailing any major concerns with regards to your display, merchandise or conduct. You will be given examples, conditions and a time frame with which you must comply. This may be, but is not limited to, removing all offending material from sight and not displaying it again for the rest of the convention.

THIRD OFFENSE – Eviction from Photo-Lab

If you have already been given a written warning and have not complied in the time frame given, put any offending material back on display, or broken another rule, you may be evicted from the Photo-Lab without refund.


If after being evicted from the room you are found trying to convince, or have convinced, another Photographer (whether knowingly or not) to help you sell your merchandise (whether it is the offending merchandise or not), you will henceforth be banned from exhibiting in the PSF Photo-Lab for 1 year.


Spaces are sold as follows; 10’ by 10’ space (NO pipe and draping), These prices are not negotiable for Photographers. Photographers are asked not to encroach upon their neighbor’s space unless they are given permission. Photographers that do not arrive and set up before 10pm Friday or do not give prior notice will forfeit their space. Show spaces will be sold to available wait list participants at the convention at a reduced cost (cash only). All Photographer payments must be made on or before September 13, 2017, or the Photographer will forfeit their space. After the initial spaces are filled, PSF will keep a waiting list of other interested Photographers, to be filled either on September 1st or the day of the convention. Electricity and other necessities cost extra. Photographers must inform PSF if special accommodations are needed at the time of submitting their application.

Booths are rented per hour with a 4 hour minimum to start. Photographers can add additional hourly slots as their schedules get filled. If the photographers’ slots are filled completely for the entire event, an over all price will be negotiated, but only for those with full event time slots.


  • $150.00 per standard space / 4 hr minimum. $50 per additional hour.


Please inform PSF staff as soon as you know your time slots are being filled past your 4 hour minimum.



Photographers are welcome to reserve multiple spaces, limit 4. If there are extra spaces available on Friday at opening, Vendors’ Room participants may purchase an extra space at a reduced cost (cost determined by PSF).


Though Pseudo Science Fair and the Photo-Lab staff retain the right to make instantaneous changes to the Photo-Lab policies, every effort will be made to extend Photographers the courtesy to make announcements of any changes.

As a reminder the Photo-Lab staff will consistently monitor and patrol the Photo-Lab for policy and rules violations. Any and all observed and reported violations will be acted upon. A single violation of the convention and Photo-Lab rules and policies can potentially result in the Photographer being removed from the Photo-Lab and the convention at the discretion of the Photo-Lab staff. If an individual is removed, they forfeit all fees and will receive no refund for their space or membership. Additionally, for the safety of the Photo-Lab staff, conversations between yourself and the Photo-Lab staff may be recorded.

Photo Lab – Studio space application

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